We have purposefully hidden the GCG away from the beaten track. Directions to find us are as below:

How to get to Temple Grafton Cricket Club. Otherwise known as The GCG, or more simply put, The G.

Postcode is for Grafton Court, New Road, Temple Grafton – B49 6NY.

Don’t try and get to us from the Stratford Road – it’s not worth the cost of replacing the sump on someone’s car

Directions are as follows:

  1. Turn off New Road and head down the road towards Grafton Court – beware of the unmarked speed humps.
  2. Follow the road to the right as it swings past the Court and past the garages and car park on your left.
  3. It now turns into a farm track and at this point and you’ll probably think you’ve gone the wrong way.
  4. Keep going through the metal 5 bar gate and through the small copse (very slowly). You will now definitely think you’ve gone the wrong way…take a leap of faith and keep going
  5. The trees will clear and you’ll see the fields open out – sort of like the first glimpse Narnia after the kids fought through all of the clothes in the wardrobe
  6. You’ll see the ground down the hill on your right – drive slowly down the track, it’s bumpy
  7. Drive onto the pitch itself and park either to the left or right of the pavilion and changing rooms. The more experienced will opt for the space between the nets and the changing rooms!