BIDFORD 231 a/o
TGCC 157 for 4

12 players selected. Start in the field with 10 including neither of your planned opening bowlers. A typical Grafton Sunday was underway. With the skipper on DofE duty, the supply captain came in to take charge of a side containing a brace of Summers, Viral Sindroja for his second appearance, former cricketer Jason Jones for his first and from the wilderness the return of wild beasts Farrow (CA), Byrne (P), Kirk (A) and Roberts (S).

Looking at the sides it was clear case of “which league opening batsman will score the most runs”. One got 80odd inside 20 overs. The other went six and out. You won’t have to a regular reader of Youngy’s missives to work out which is which. Bidford batted. WIggett took advantage of Kirk’s first bowl in 9 months and Summers Jr’s slightly wayward lines to rack up 75 off the first 10 overs with Gunawardane (not that one). Darby was summonsed from buttering rolls to stem the flow. He caused a few dropped catches but wasn’t able to perform little boy and the dam duties immediately. One c&b later and Darby relieved himself from playing duty to resume teas. With Roberts’ prolonged warm up threatening to take just as long as it took Grafton to get Wiggett out, the skipper fell on his sword. Wickets went at the other end as children wafted, it was Sindroja; timid maths tutor and wizard of flight and guile who finally broke through. Killian utterly demolishing the wickets with a stumping. Viral claimed three victims and Roberts, finally loose took 4-21. All the more impressive as his first four balls were smote to the boundary and he began questioning his return to the arena.

Tea was a wonderous display of efficiency. Rolls; sliced AND buttered. Cheese; sliced. Pleasing to se a swiss roll on offer and the cheese scones were a delightful touch.

Cavan Farrow’s attempts to adjust to the pace of the deck after a winter’s punting down the River Cam didn’t last long. Bilbrough dug in and Killian strode out to join him. Effortless in dispatching anything over pitched, imperious on the pull to the shorter ball. Full toss? Huge six straight over the sight screen into Ardens Grafton. Straight one? Let’s try a defensive short. Bowled for 30. Phil Byrne had a swish and walked for an lbw. Jones waddled out. Formerly of Alveston CC and latterly of many local real ale establishments and craft ale haunts. First game in about 15 years and off the mark with a delicate lap sweep round the corner. Jones looked immediately in the groove and with Bilbrough at his belligerent best the pair added 99 for the 4th wicket before Lewis was castled in the last over. Bidford bowled well enough to make the chase unachievable though some excellent application allowed a score to be accumulated where once we’d have been out for 80 odd.


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