TEMPLE GRAFTON win by 7 wickets

Amazing what can be achieved when a side fields more than one bowler. Grafton’s season long search for a bowling attack finally ended when three (yes THREE) of the club’s five seam bowlers were finally available for selection on the same weekend. The left arm medium pairing of Pedmore and Quiney joined by the fit again raw pace of James to form a devilish three pronged attack. Who were then promptly upstaged by a wise old snake creeping up on his former charges before firing down a series of darts – followed by all the histrionics we’ve learned to love over the past couple of seasons.

With Killer absent, probably partaking in a bare-knuckle fight or wrestling a horse to the ground whilst filming a forthcoming series of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, the feral beastie himself Captain Kirk stepped into the breach. It was a baking hot but Kirk had obviously been doing his homework, “I’m thinking about bowling”, “OK, have they not set any decent targets?”, “No. We’ve been shit batting first all season.”. He lost the toss and we were bowling anyway.

Pedalo made it five weeks without a wicket as the first of the multitude of chances shelled by Grafton over the afternoon went to ground. Kirk at slip was going up as the ball dropped at his feet before Palmer completely bottled a simple chance at square leg claiming it fell well short of him. At the other end Ivor’s excellent season continued, bowling Bahi before removing Abbott’s leg stump as he was bowled round his legs attempting another paddle behind square. Pedders lasted 7 overs this week; it would have been 6 but he completely ignored the captain’s efforts to remove him from the attack and he was replaced by big stompy monster James (w. beard, as the scorebook annotation pointed out). Having exercised his lungs with a big shout first ball he bowled a great spell against the Wellesbourne opener Cook, whose limpet-like (or Jarrett-esque) 52 off 34 overs was the mainstay of the visitor’s total. Milky removed Woods lbw with a slower-slower ball and caused both the batsmen and Cav Farrow no end of issues.

However, it was Jarrett who stole the show. Sneaking up like on the popping crease like a Sphynx cat stalking a little bird he fired down his darts with unerring accuracy. Rea caught at extra cover (having been dropped at least three times), Smith lbw, Myatt caught by Onens and when he clutched onto an excellent return catch from Cook and celebrated like a stranded turtle, it was clear it was his day. The celebration for his 5th wicket “ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR” may have been numerically inaccurate, but shows the passion is still there, even at the age of 60. Young Noah Rose used his long levers to great effect sticking DJ into the field but when he was smartly caught behind for 25 it was all over for the Bourne, 139 all out off 39 overs.

“What was your favourite ever forward defensive shot DJ?”

Tea was a masterclass in efficient shopping from Cross. Sterling effort, all bases covered and thankfully he’d bought some extra cheese. Badger, late to the table was about to kick off massively as everyone had eaten the first batch – he couldn’t even be placated with a bag of salad.

In reply there was to be no messing about. Kirky and Ceri decided to take it on. Ceri playing second fiddle to the skipper before he was dismissed playing a wretched heave across the line the ball after picking one up off his legs and over Ben Joyce’s horse chestnut tree. Kirky smashed on before being dismissed lbw for 48 off just 33. Cav and Thorpey found it a little harder to score runs but added a further 40 to the score before the South African showed his muscles by trying to hit one over the fence and was caught at extra cover. Badger hit a delightful square cut before Cav (36*) scored the winning runs to bring proceedings to a nice early finish.

An excellent afternoon’s work followed by a lesson in what strange names South Africans give to everyday objects.


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