TGCC 182 for 7
WOODBOURNE 184 for 3

Woodbourne won by 7 wickets

Which absolute clown decided to schedule football on a Saturday afternoon? All this nationwide praise for Gareth Southgate? If the silly bastard had put the first team out against Belgium two weeks ago, none of this palaver would have happened. Selection woes abound. Not just for Grafton, but for every club in the league seemingly. Thankfully we only lost two players to the football; the stag do taking plenty of others away was more of a hinderance. That said we fielded a strong 10; including Crossy returning from a very brief retirement. Milky back after 12 months out with a kneespaz and the slow-medium left arm bowling partnership of Pedley & Quiney which served us so well last week. Our visitors brought 10 over including all the familiar faces we know and love from the wilds of south Birmingham.

Matt Coombes cloths one to extra cover

Matt Coombes cloths one to extra cover

Toss won again. Batting again. A familiar ring to it. From square leg it was glorious to see Killian pick off each of Mike Seal’s short deliveries with aplomb. 30 all in boundaries with just the one misstep – dropped at slip. After 9 overs when DJ and Killer finally swapped ends, Killer lasted two balls to Rooney with a leading edge to a low full toss finding the hands of Crawshaw at Mid off. DJ kicked into action after a painful 10 over bedding in period and once again looked imperious, cutting more than a barber on amphetamines. As DJ ploughed on Johnston missed a full toss, Cross missed a full toss and Thorpe missed a stright one. 90-4 and hello again my old friend. Time for the youth to contribute; Cav Farrow played some glorious shots in his 20 and DJ finally perished for 55 the first ball after drinks turning a bouncing ball off Dave Thane to Coombes behind the stumps. Ad Kirk played watchfully, bringing his excellent run of mideweek not out form to the big games. When Farrow was bowled and Ivor pushed a simple c&b back to Thane if looked like it was up. However a six hitting masterclass from all rounder Dicky Pedmore (including no sixes) in partnership with Kirk’s patience and straight bat saw the pair add 41 for the 7th wicket to close the innings on 182 and more importantly to save Milky from having to bat.

Cav Farrow misses a 90mph delivery from DJ

Cav Farrow misses a 90mph delivery from DJ

Tea was spent with half an ear on the football and with half of the players trying to take on fluids after an afternoon in the Saharan heat. After what seemed like about an hour’s rest Grafton took to the field chasing the 9 wickets needed for victory. Two men straight out for Rooney and a quite bizarre field for the Woodies’ skipper including a ring of four men between keeper and point all positioned (completely pointlessly/incompetently as it happened) for Sam Lewis’ run down to third man. Rooney challenged the long on fielder to the short boundary putting Ivor into the field, but was eventually caught by a tumbling Killian for 40. Lewis was proving very difficult to dislodge however and Coombes was flashing hard at anything wide taking advantage of the gaps to score quickly. DJ and Milky came into the attack with the big sweaty red faced beasty straight back on the money after so long out. His vocal chords got a good working out early on with a few croaked lbw appeals.

Big fat red faced sweaty cricket beastie 'fires one down'

Big fat red faced sweaty cricket beastie ‘fires one down’

DJ eventually dismissed Lewis  for 36, a feathered edge brilliantly taken by Farrow and Milks yorked Thane to claim a wicket; but by this time Coombes had pulled and edged his way to a half century. The game was up with a slew of extras and Woodbourne claimed a seven wicket win. #ITSCOMINGHOME


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