TGCC 73 a/o

Lost by 10 wickets


Stockholm syndrome a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.

Having been kept captive by cricket for over 25 years it was with crushing inevitability that it was “yes please” that I replied back to the skipper upon receiving a pleading text message to play cricket for a desperately short Grafton this afternoon. Freedom can wait for another day.

One of the nine fellow captives to arrive at Stoneleigh it was, in truth, never going to end well. And it didn’t.

Toss lost and inserted on a moist track – with a thicket like outfield – things began to fall apart at the seams very quickly. All out for 74 within 30 overs.

With the stunning stately home as a backdrop and a wedding ongoing notable moments from Grafton’s brief innings were Killian’s optimistic call for a second (run out by about 9 yards), a ridiculous delivery to dismiss Pedley, H Benjamin using up his season’s batting luck in one game (dropped at least twice) and, on a much more positive note, Dan McAdam’s fine 18 not out.

Tea was postponed as most people were still burping from lunch so Stoneleigh set about Grafton’s modest target immediately and crept their way to victory in circumspect style.

A tight opening salvo from Benjamin H and Pedley was followed by a feisty spell from Onens, a promising burst from Ben Ashfield and a fine display of line and length bowling from McAdam who was on a one man mission to extend the game beyond 3 hours. Grafton’s stand out player of the day went for just 6 runs from 7 overs but it was never going to be enough as Stoneleigh reached their target in 23 overs. Done and dusted by 4.30pm.

A carb heavy tea followed.

On paper it was one to erase from the memories but it was still weirdly enjoyable. Cricket has a funny way of doing that. On to next week for Grafton and I await my next pleading text.

Scorecard –

MOM – Dan McAdam

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