As you look outside whilst you read this it is inevitably grey, misty and/or drizzly. That can mean only one thing, cricket season is upon us.

In true Grafton style we’re heading into 2016 without a jot of practice due to our inability (or ineptitude) to book indoor nets this winter, however don’t be deterred by this failing; we are all finely tuned athletes after all.

Our pre-season gathering was a bit of a damp squib with the weather preventing much in the way of cricket, however the Apple Shack was formally opened and the BBQ worked wonderfully well. Thanks to Geordie for getting all that sorted. Regrettably we have had to cancel the season opener against Bishop’s Tachbrook this Sunday afternoon.

Here is a list of information that you should all digest before we kick off


Can be found HERE

As ever, if you can’t do the date you have been allocated then YOU are responsible for finding a replacement or for paying someone else to do it on your behalf. No pizza this year please.


For those technologically advanced sorts, you can import all of the season’s fixtures into your email/phone calendars by using the google calendar in this link TGCC Fixtures 2016

For those luddites there will be a physical fixture card, hopefully available from next weekend. This has been beautifully designed by Amy James and is kindly sponsored by Go Cotswolds – your local friendly minibus tour operator.

The first few fixtures are as follows

Saturday 23rd April – Stanway (H) 1.00pm – Tea : Liam Killian
Sunday 24th April – Snitterfield (H) 1.00pm – Tea : Ian Young

Thursday 28th April – Exhall Dodgers (A) 6.00pm

Saturday 30th April – Kenilworth Wardens III (H) 1.30pm  – Tea : Mark Onens

Saturday 7th May – Wellesbourne II (H) 1.30pm – Tea : Simon Kirk
Sunday 8th May – Christchurch (H) 1.00pm – Tea : Tom Thompson

Wednesday 11th May – Snitterfield (H) 6.00pm


Change of plan for 2016 with selection being handed back to the captains. Liam and Youngy both have fully up to date email lists and will independently contact everyone early in the week to assess availability. Please make everyone’s life easier by replying, even if it’s just to say that you can’t play. They will aim to confirm the sides via email, social media and on here by Thursday at the latest.

If you know dates that you definitely can or definitely can’t play this year (weddings, holidays, bah mitzvahs, court appearances); please let either captain or Milky know and we can add this info to the selection sheet to save the hassle of people chasing you up.

A simple response makes everyone’s lives so much easier.

Killer – T: 07766904202 E:
Youngy – T: 07889202939 E:
Geordie – T: 07984546397 E:
Milks – T: 07899925667 E:


Prices have remained static for this summer, as a gentle reminder I have listed those figures below.

Money is incredibly important this year. When you arrive at the G you should immediately notice that the Alex Hopkins Memorial Toilet in the changing rooms actually has a toilet in it now, this is the penultimate step of completing the building works. We fully intend to get the shower room fully fitted by the end of the season, but to do this we have to ensure we raise all the money we feasibly can.

How can you help? Make sure you pay your subs, pay your match fees, attend the fundraisers and maybe even say, “No it’s OK, it’s on me” when the skipper asks you how much you would like back for teas. If we all did that we’d raise an additional, and unaccounted for £1,000.

We will have the facility to take payments on match days by credit/debit card this summer using fancy technology and the arrival of 4G signal down the G. So if you’ve not got any cash there’s no excuse now.

Annual Subs

Full Members (all cricket) – £50
Junior/Senior Members (all cricket) – £25
Social/Midweek Members – £25

Match Fees

Adult Weekend – £6
Junior Weekend & Select- £3
Adult Select – £4


I’ve subcontracted this out for the summer to You register and pick your side online.

Team of 11 valued at no more than £55 million. Options to make transfers, see everyone else’s teams and change your captain weekly.
Points are updated directly from Play Cricket and will include all weekend* and Select games.

It’ll cost you a tenner to enter – please give to Milky before he starts haranguing you with his new card machine.

That should be it for now, keep an eye out on here and on your emails and on twitter/facebook/instagram for other stuff over the coming weeks.

See you soon




*excluding Presidents XI match

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