So, admit it. You thought that Killer had taken all of the fines money and spent it on either cooking lager, Guinness or accessories for his new dog didn’t you?

Despite the fact that the money spent the entire 2016/17 winter in the GCG changing rooms, he still has it – and it’s almost time to use it.

The plan is thus:

Saturday 16th September 6.00pm onwards


Open invite to everyone who played league cricket for TGCC in 2016 or 2017
…and anyone else who wants to come along too is more than welcome (you may have to pay a little into the kitty though.

THE APPLESHACK will be fully stocked
HIPSTER PISS will be available
GIN will be served
BBQ will be fired up
MUSIC will be happening (maybe even live?!)
CAMPING is actively encouraged
FRIVOLITIES will take place

The keen-eyed of you will spot that this is the Saturday of our third annual Test Match against Shenstone College OB, we’re hoping that this end of season shindig will encourage everyone along to the club to celebrate the pitiful mess that was 2016 and the unabashed success that 2017 has become.

It will more than likely be an all ticket affair, so let Milky or Tommy know whether you intend to come; who you intend to bring and we’ll put your name down.

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